Jimbo Clark

Creative innovation

Jimbo Clark is the founder of InnoGreat, a consulting firm which focuses on creativity and innovation in the decision-making process. He helps leadership teams and organizations solve challenging situations with improved thinking aligned to a shared vision of the future.

Jimbo has worked with more than 40 Fortune 500 companies in more than 25 countries. He has trained and certified 200 facilitators in his methodology, and is equally capable in face to face or virtual delivery.

Jimbo is the creator of Thinking In and Out of the B❒X, a mindset improvement tool used around the world to increase creativity, empathy and inclusion. He is also co-founder of Brains on the Beach with whom he co-created the ClockWise creative innovation methodology.


What is Your B❒X? 

Using a few game mechanics as a metaphor for change. If you are playing a game from an outdated rule set, you are setting yourself up for disastrous results. identifying the "old game" you have been playing, and looking to the emerging game you choose to play in the future can provide you with new win condition, strategies, etc.

In this session you will focus less on the old game, and more on the new game. Playing a new game allows for new results. New win conditions... new constraints, a willingness to "cheat" against your previous constraints... and finding a new player community willing to play this new game are the big takeaways. Are you winning a game you no longer want to play? Are you losing your game because the rules have changed, and you haven't? What does it take to be the champion of the game you choose to play? How can you design your own game with your rules, victory points, and win conditions?

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