Jimbo Clark

Jimbo Clark is the founder of InnoGreat, a consulting firm which focuses on creativity and innovation in the decision-making process. He helps leadership teams and organizations solve challenging situations with improved thinking aligned to a shared vision of the future.

Jimbo has worked with more than 40 Fortune 500 companies in more than 25 countries. He has trained and certified 200 facilitators in his methodology, and is equally capable in face to face or virtual delivery.

Jimbo is the creator of Thinking In and Out of the Box, a mindset improvement tool used around the world to increase creativity, empathy and inclusion. He is also co-founder of Brains on the Beach with whom he co-created the ClockWise creative innovation methodology.

"This Was Better than Face to Face." Making the Virtual Physical to Blow the Box Off People's Minds

Nearly one year into COVID influenced training and facilitation, and we've all learned a lot.

Every one of us has done something that we thought was impossible in our respective domains. We are getting better. We are learning and adapting.

And our participants/learners are getting better at learning in the virtual world, both in terms of using the technology, and in being more present and authentic during sessions.

So let's shoot for the moon and focus on how to make virtual better than face to face. Why go back when we can go forward.

In this session, I'll take you through the methodology that I've used to unlock creativity, deepen sharing, and motivate change. Through the session we'll be wearing two hats (OK, boxes...) as we explore two viewpoints.

The view of the participant: I'll put you through sections and ask you to participate fully as a learner. In this part of the session my challenge is to blow your mind just a little bit. To get you to see a challenge in your life in a new way.

The view of the facilitator: Here, we'll deconstruct what we did throughout the session that led (hopefully) to the mind blowing, life altering, unforgettable experience you had as a participant.

Sounds like a lot? You need to go big or go home virtually to get people to say, "This was better than face to face."

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