Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler

Making the intangible tangible

Kerstin is a world-leading expert in gamification, both practically and academically. Kerstin has worked with many teams to understand and apply gamification to their staff, clients, and citizens. Her PhD research focussed on gamification as a way to increase engagement and nudge behaviour. Kerstin delivers highly regarded presentations and workshops on gamification, and has given a TED talk on the power of gamification. 

Kerstin has developed gamified experiences for organisations such as Australian Government (DFAT, ATO, DISER, CSIRO, ACIAR, Defence Air and Space Power Centre), as well as multinationals like Amazon and CarSales and not-for-profits like Sharing Places, and many more. She has experience designing digital, analogue, and hybrid gamification experiences. 


Gamified Sustainability Using Miro

How you can use free software to build a global game

How can you build a gamification experience with zero coding experience?

Through this hands-on interactive session, you will learn how to build gamification experiences using Miro through a game designed for COP26 about sustainability.

You will learn:

* How you can use free software to build gamified experiences

* About a real-life example of using gamification to teach sustainability

* How to use gamification to communicate complex concepts

* How to engage a global audience by playing together

* Have fun playing this game!

It's a unique example of gamified sustainability using Miro. Users will play the game themselves, thereby learning the game mechanics as well as the lessons the game teaches about sustainability. It's fun! And the game was played by hundreds of people at COP 26 in 2021 and again in 2022 as a board game.

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