Kerstin Oberprieler, PhD

Blending academic rigor with practical application for behavior change and gamification.

Described as One of the World’s Leading Figures in Behavioral Science by Insights Success Magazine, Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler is a thought leader in nudging behavior, both academically and practically.

Kerstin has worked with many teams to understand and apply behavioral science to their teams, including governments, private business, schools and multinational companies. Kerstin has her PhD in workplace gamification, design thinking and systems thinking. She combines her expertise in design thinking, user research and behavioral science to deliver effective and innovative behavioral solutions. She is passionate about helping organizations and employees thrive by unlocking employee motivation.


AI & Dungeons and Dragons = An Amazing Team-Building Game!

Discover the magic of merging Dungeons and Dragons with AI in this 100-word session! Dive into the realm of gamification design, igniting creativity and turbocharging your projects. Uncover the secrets of leveraging existing tools to craft dynamic team-building games. Join me for an exploration of a beloved, AI-fueled team-building adventure inspired by DnD. Unleash innovation as we bridge fantasy and technology, and transform your design process into an epic quest for success!

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