Sufiz Mohd Suffian

Leveraging gamification design methodologies and behavioral psychology models.

Sufiz Suffian is the Managing Partner of Recur Consult, a Gamification and Behavioral Design consultancy firm that specializes in creating impactful experiences and driving desired behaviors through design and engagement. He is a keynote speaker, consultant, and certified trainer specializing in Gamification, Behavioral Design, and Learning and Development. He has designed award-winning user-centric experiences that leverage on gamification design methodologies and behavioral psychology models. Sufiz has also spearheaded numerous consulting design projects internationally, ranging from product design, customer experiences, community gamification, employee engagement, learning and development, and culture transformation.


Beyond the Board: Creating Immersive Learning Experiences with Tabletop Business Simulations

Unlock the transformative potential of tabletop simulations in creating engaging and impactful learning environments that go beyond traditional teaching methods. This topic invites a re-imagination of education by blending tactile learning with strategic depth, offering a fresh perspective that goes beyond the confines of the board. By emphasizing strategic decision-making as a focal point, simulations can foster a dynamic and participatory learning atmosphere while addressing real workplace challenges.

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