Andrew Lau

Developing leaders in medium & large enterprises.

Andrew leadsĀ an exceptional team specializing in learning gamification, they excel in curating top-tier content and integrating it with habit-forming models to drive behavior change and achieve business results. Beyond their direct team leadership, they spearhead a global community of Gamification experts, including gurus, academics, and professionals, through the International Gamification Confederation (GamFed). Their work in both realms champions the cause of Gamification, applying innovative strategies to transform traditional learning methods and fostering a collaborative, international network dedicated to advancing the field of Gamification and its practical applications in various sectors.


Beyond Points: The Art of Behavior Assessment Through Games

Imagine a world where every move, every decision, and every interaction become a key to unlocking deeper insights into behavior. Dive into the heart of this game-changing session as we explore the dynamic fusion of psychology and gamification. Discover how gaming elements go beyond mere points, offering a rich tapestry of data for a comprehensive understanding of human behavior. Elevate your understanding of behavior assessment, transcending traditional methods and venturing into the exciting realm where games become powerful tools for insight.

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