Arek Siechowicz

An expert at sustaining learner engagement over extended periods.

Arkadiusz Siechowicz is a gamification evangelist and practitioner for over10 years. He is one the founders of Gamehill: Gamified Learning Platforms. With his team, they won the Outstanding Gamification Award as well as Best International Implementation of Gamified Learning Solution from London's LTA. With many corporate clients including Deloitte, Orange, and Santander Bank, Arek has a good view of the present corporate learning and gamification scene. Arek owns a golden retriever Nelly, so he is used to explaining things in a simple way.


Pro Tips in Gamified Corporate Learning: What Works?

Explore the transformation of eLearning from mundane to engaging with Arek, an expert who has revolutionized corporate training for over 50 companies. Delving into topics from sales to compliance, Arek will share valuable insights gained from both triumphs and challenges. Join us to discover practical pro-tips and strategies for enhancing your training programs, ensuring they captivate and educate far beyond the traditional, often tedious, eLearning approaches.

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