Brit Morenus

An expert at connecting people.

“Brit” Morenus is an award-winning Gamification Program Manager at Microsoft and a homeschool mom. She is an advocate for modern learning technologies and a well-known gamified learning consultant. Brit has created a tribe of likeminded learning curators by introducing her Microsoft peers to her wide external network of gamification enthusiasts. Upon meeting Brit, you will quickly pick-up on her enthusiasm and passion for helping others learn. In 2022, Brit was Sententia certified as a Gamification Master Craftsman, adding to her impressive resume of success with game-based learning.


Blueprint for Building Your Tribe of Gamification Gurus

Sometimes we just need a little direction. Let's call it A Blueprint for Building Your Tribe of Gamification Gurus. I'm here to show the harmony found when you gather together to tackle implementing gamification across your organization. There is power in numbers, power in outside perspective, and power in trial and error. You'll leave with ideas of what to do with the connections you make throughout GamiCon48V!

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