Brit Morenus

Award-winning Gamification Program Manager for Microsoft. She is an advocate for modern learning technologies and a gamified learning consultant. Now in her fourth year creating game-based learning professionally, she is ready to tell her story in a desire to help others succeed. Winner of the Centrical Select Professor award and a Microsoft CSS Impact Award, she is known for her enthusiasm and passion for helping others learn. Brit not only is a member of Microsoft Store Support, but also leads an internal Microsoft group, the Gamification Advisory Board, and is a member of Centrical’s Advisory Board. Furthermore, Brit partners with Microsoft Learning & Development teams, to assist in experimenting with new modern learning technologies. Brit is also Sententia Gamification Level 2 certified. What you might not know is she is also a professional photographer. Along with her many professional accomplishments, Brit also holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Organizational Communications. Among the minority who can claim it, Brit was born, raised and still resides within the surrounding cities limits of Charlotte, North Carolina. Among Brit’s top priorities are spreading God’s love throughout the world, being a dedicated and loving wife, as well as a fun and supportive mom to her daughter and K9-son. Lastly, it is important that she help others achieve more and has therefore written her story into a book that reads as a hand-held guide as you venture into the world of gamified learning!

Gamified Learning for Confidence, Retention, and Morale

Many companies are intrigued by gamification but don't know if it is right for them, feasible, or how they will get started. Gamified Learning for Confidence, Retention, and Morale will provide hands on experience allowing the participants to see how to implement and maintain a gamified learning program. This is a case study style class based on the results I've personally seen in my tenure as the Gamification Program Manager for Microsoft Store Support. I’ll be open and honest about the failures, and the successes, while focusing on how not to overwhelm your learners. Among the success stories, you’ll hear about learners engaged 97% of their workdays with some type of learning content, completing on average 90% of their content at a success rate of 87% or higher. In addition to soft skill improvements like being empathetic with customers, we also tackled reducing time to competency for new hires from 4-6 months to an average of 2 months. Wrapped into a pretty package by weaving morale and rewards into your learning experience, helping bridge the gap of connection in our new hybrid workplaces. You do not have to be part of a large organization for this session, or for my model, to work for your company. Participants are invited to learn through play and interaction, providing their own tips to the group. Bring a web connected device, mobile or PC, some means of taking notes, and be prepared to participate!

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