Professional  Gamification  Certifications

The Sententia Gamification Certification is the premier  gamification credential for Talent Development and HR Professionals.  Holding a Certified Gamification Professional credential demonstrates achievement, competence, credibility, and mastery to your employers, clients, colleagues, and professional peers.

Sententia establishes the benchmark for quality gamification training.  The Sententia Certification is the ONLY Gamification Certification that earns you recertification credits with HRCI, SHRM, and ATD.

The Sententia accreditation process assures that students and craft professionals receive quality training based on uniform standards and criteria. This process fosters international unity among the gamification industry while providing a defined aptitude path with industry-recognized credentials.

The Sententia Gamification Certification is verified by BadgeCert and serves as a demonstration of your mastery of core gamification principles and skills essential to the best practice of talent development.

3 Levels of Gamification Certifications

Gamification Surveyor (Level 1)

An individual who has earned a Gamification Surveyor Certification (Level 1) has received introductory training and demonstrates the necessary understanding of the fundamentals of gamification as it applies to the 5-step process of gamifying an adult learning program within an organization. A Gamification Surveyor typically has a basic knowledge of gamification, but has not designed or led projects on their own. 

The Gamification Surveyor has completed basic training in the trademarked and proven model for gamification learning design: 
1) Separate games vs. gamification
2) Write effective OKRs
3) Define learner personas and explore gamified instructional approaches that meets those needs
4) Adopt 3 or more story writing strategies to craft an adventure for your learning program
5) Identify the main psychological concepts related to gamification
6) Map at least 6 game mechanics to a player journey
7) Draft an outline of a gamified learning program and receive feedback on your concept

Whether you are a new or seasoned learning professional, this certification will help you to quickly learn how to adapt a gamification strategy for your programs. NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED!

Length of Course:  6 contact hours

Tuition: $357 (USD)

Recertification Accreditations*
ATD CPLP 6 points

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Gamification Journeyman (Level 2)

An individual who has received Gamification Journeyman Certification (Level 2) has received intermediate training on how to integrate gamification methodologies for the improvement of learning and development. They create player profiles and plan player-centric learning and development. They understand motivation in a gamified environment, created scenarios for a variety of players, and created a richer, in-depth experience for the player.

The Gamification Journeyman gathers data, participates in problem-solving exercises, analyzes case studies, and adds their personal experiences to design simulations and performance-based training materials that include real-world standards and conditions.

A Gamification Journeyman typically has written OKRs, crafted a Learner Persona(s), designed and play tested a low-resolution prototype, and has acquired the necessary knowledge of how to plan successful instructional design projects with gamification, but may have not yet led projects on their own.

Prerequisite:  Gamification Apprentice Certification (Level 1)

Length of Course:  12 contact hours

Tuition:  $597

Level Up!

Gamification Master Craftsman (Level 3)

An individual who has received Gamification Master Craftsman (Level 3) certification has received advanced training on how to integrate gamification methodologies for the improvement of learning and development. 

The Gamification Master Craftsman will design and deliver a gamified L&D project for their organization or another approved entity.

A Gamification Master Craftsman typically has the necessary knowledge of how to plan successful instructional design projects with gamification, and has designed and deployed at least one project on their own.

Prerequisite:  Gamification Surveyor Certification (Level 1)
Prerequisite:  Gamification Journeyman Certification (Level 2)

Length of Course:  3-Day Immersive Mastermind Design Retreat PLUS 90-Day Implementation Success Coaching

Tuition: $2994 plus all related travel and expenses.

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