Gamified Learning Programs Created Through Our Certification Courses

In Sententia's Gamification Certifications, students create real-life gamified learning projects that are deployed in their workplace. Because many projects that are created for use in real-life corporate trainings and higher education contain proprietary content and non-disclosure agreements, they cannot be shared here. We can show you a few examples of award-winning projects, created by our students, that have been approved for sharing publicly. Check out the examples below to see the problem, the plan, and the outcome of these top-notch programs.

Certified Gamification Journeyman (Level 2) Portfolios

The goal of this in-depth certification course is for you to apply the key concepts found in game design and behavioral psychology to a real-life adult learning program you want to gamify. You will identify your business objectives, develop detailed learner personas, take the Reiss Profile Assessment, experience motivational interviews, research and apply the psychology of fun, investigate game design, map a player journey, focus on actionable techniques for intuitive and friendly UX/UI design, create a low-resolution prototype, perform usability testing and identify improvements. This blended virtual program allows you access to your quests anywhere, at any time.

Check out the Low-Resolution Prototype Examples from just a few of our students.

Projects Created in our Gamification Surveyor Certification (Level 1)

Because sometimes it is easier to start with an abstract project and move to something concrete, in the Level 1 Certification participants reference a fictional Corporate Wellness case study. The goal is to develop participants' ability to analyze and assess a potential gamified training situation, so that they can vary their gamification design based on the “players” and the “game.”

The #1 question we’re asked is, “What will it look like?” so here you go.

The participants apply the Sententia trademarked and proven process to draft a training plan for the gamification of an adult learning program
and select to submit either individually or as a team.

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