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Sententia Gamification is a trusted developer of learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. We offer a wide range of resources and services from ready-to-train programs, facilitator certifications, custom development, and more.

At Sententia Gamification, we believe an experiential approach is the best catalyst for adult learning. Our unique blend of behavioral motivation and design thinking has been the core what we do for more than 20 years. Combining the best research and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for adult learning theory, our strategies create lasting change.

Our core values are gratitude, graciousness, and generosity; ideals that  guide us when making decisions, building relationships, and solving problems. Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help us enjoy our time at work and play.


Meet the Team

Monica Cornetti, MS EDE


South Padre Island, TX

Monica is the Founder and President of Sententia Gamification, Gamemaster of GamiCon and the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. Monica is hired for her skill as a gamification speaker and is considered at the top of her field in gamification design for corporate learning.

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Jonathan Peters, PhD

Chief Motivation Officer

South Padre Island, TX

An international professional keynote speaker, trainer, author, and copywriter, Jonathan believes that change is inevitable, adaption is vital, but success is optional. He works with those who pursue the option of success. His entertaining, energetic, edgy, and enlightening style not only makes learning fun and inspiring, but also memorable and applicable.

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Renee Boisvert

Director of Programs

Delta, British Columbia

A Youth Care Practitioner, Renee's experience has been helping families cope with issues related to mental health, autism, hospitalization, and abuse. Her current passion is using gamification to engage an individual's strengths and interests to overcome challenges.

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Sententia Certified Facilitators

Sententia Certified Facilitators are Gamification Master Craftsmen. They have the training and tools to bring insights and guidance to people and organizations who are seeking to add gamification and game-based learning strategies to their learning and talent development initiatives. As a Sententia Certified Facilitator they help others to master the awesome potential of gamification and game-based learning in employee engagement, corporate training, and higher-education programs.

We specialize in gamification and game-based learning design for forward-thinking corporate training and higher education.

Our primary audience includes corporate trainers, human resource professionals, educational institutions, and independent consultants who look to us for research-based solutions to create and develop meaningful learning experiences.

As an independent woman-owned business based in Austin, TX,  Sententia Gamification has been providing quality gamification strategy designs, audits, curriculum design, facilitation, training, and certifications since 2008. Sententia has global accounts in a variety of industries, including banking, oil and gas, government, contact centers, not-for-profits, trade associations, and private industry. 

We regularly field a diverse group of designers and trainers, from all ethnicities and backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, veterans, and PhD recipients. All are experts in their field and have thousands of hours of organizational development, talent management, behavioral economics, and motivational design training and experience. Our proven, trademarked system for serious game and gamification strategy design is what differentiates us in the marketplace.

Our proven, trademarked framework for serious games and gamification strategies, designs, and education are what differentiates our clients from their competitors in the marketplace.

Gamification is a complex process that involves multiple stages to understand the objectives of an organization, it evaluates challenges in achieving objectives, and requires prototyping personas that match the motivations of the end users.

The Sententia Gamification Framework and Rapid Content Development Design Sprints are an essential and proven tool to guide the process of course design from conceptualization to implementation.

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As a global leader in gamification strategy design for L&D, HR, and Adult Education, our team will help you explore new possibilities, engage employees, and create meaningful learning experiences. Our designers, trainers, and speakers are recognized experts in their fields and each of them has earned recognition and status as a Certified Gamification Master Craftsman for their skill and strategy in deploying effective gamification in a corporate or adult learning program. We will help you to match the right solution for your audience and your goals.

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