Calvin Osborne

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Cal Osborne is the Managing Director and Creative Director of Poncho eLearning. Cal has over 25 years experience in graphic design, media production, e-Learning and gamification. Working for some of Australia's biggest companies. Cal's vision for Poncho eLearning is to 'Educate through Entertainment', and uses video, animations, 3D and gamification to enhance the learning experience. Cal is an adventurer and an artist who has a unique way of bringing games and learning experiences to life.


Let's Gamify the $#!? Outta This!!!

Dive into a world where gamification isn't just a tool, but an art form with Cal, a trailblazer in the field with over twenty years of experience. Cal has turned learning into an adventure, winning accolades like the Best Use of Gamification Simulation at the AITD Excellence Awards. This session is a journey through Cal's mastery in crafting stories that turn mundane lessons into exhilarating adventures. Get ready to unlock the secrets of audience engagement and connection, with each level in this session revealing groundbreaking strategies that push the limits of gamification. Prepare to be inspired and learn how to captivate your audience like never before!

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