Eko Nugroho

Innovation and engagement strategies to transform learning into a captivating experience.

As CEO of Kummara and Adviser for Ludenara Foundation, Eko Nugroho stands at the forefront of game-based learning and gamification. His expertise lies in assisting companies and organizations in developing and launching interactive learning initiatives. These initiatives, spanning game-based learning and gamification programs, are designed to infuse joy and excitement into the learning process. Eko's vision extends beyond traditional education methods, focusing on innovative and engaging strategies that transform learning into a captivating experience. His leadership in this field is driven by a passion to revolutionize how people learn, making education both enjoyable and impactful.


Thinking Beyond Game: Fostering Integrity, Critical Thinking, and Financial Literacy in the World's Most Culturally Diverse Nation

Dive into the world of game-based learning with a focus on promoting Integrity, Critical Thinking, and Financial Literacy in Indonesia. This presentation will offer a detailed overview of innovative learning programs, exploring their core concepts, development challenges, and successful implementations. Learn key strategies for optimizing game-based learning, with emphasis on three critical elements: utilizing games as effective teaching mediums, leveraging facilitators as catalysts for engagement, and harnessing systems and environments as enabling factors. This session is a must-attend for educators and developers seeking to harness the transformative power of game-based learning in diverse contexts.

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