Javier Velasquez

GamiCon 2019 Thowdown Winner of Award for 
Best Overall Use of Gamification in Adult Learning

Javier Velasquez studied Literature and a Master's in Literature at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. His professional studies helped him understand how to analyze media in a systemic way, as his main concerns were interdisciplinary studies. Since 2012 he shifted towards game design and founded a board game publisher, Azahar Games. In 2013 he assisted the GSummit and started making research on game design and gamification. Alongside his sister, Ana María Velasquez, a PhD in Human Development and Motivation, they started working on a Gamification framework (BEM) that used the idea of feedback and intrinsic motivation in its core. This framework has been validated in different fields, like innovation, human resources, loyalty campaigns, and specially in education, which is a big part of their intrinsic motivation. Javier sees Gamification not as a tool of design, but as a field with paradigms and objects of study that go beyond the use of standardized mechanics.


Making Failure Fun

Engaging Effortful Learning Through Failure Design

Gamification needs to create better experiences by integrating more from gameplay’s learning loops. One of the main aspects of engaging games is the design of the failure states. While many gamification courses focus on rewarding progress, managing motivation in moments of failure is sometimes forgotten. It's not just about letting players fail, it's about understanding how to create meaningful stakes, avoidance desire, and interesting consequences.

In this session you will go beyond lives, punishments, attempts, and game-over screens and learn how to reward failure as a step towards learning.

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