John Chen

One of the top 3 Digital Event Strategists in the World.

Your Host for Club Evanstone is DJ JohnChen. DJ JohnChen is a professional karaoke jockey, turns the wheels of digital steel and is the #1 Amazon Hot New Release Author of Engaging Virtual Meetings. John can juggle 14 screens at a time, is called the "Zoom Whisperer" and is the Member of the Year and the President-Elect for the National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter. DJ JohnChen is a many year attendee and presenter at GamiCon and Monica Cornetti alawys wonders if she will get arrested when she parties with JohnChen, even online.


The Gamicon48V Closing Ceremony - Party at Club Evanstone

Did you ever wonder how Nevan Evanstone gets down? Join us for the GamiCon48V Virtual Closing Ceremony, the close to a transformative 48-hour journey guided by industry pioneers, blending steampunk innovation, and AI brilliance. You will enter Club Evanstone and party down with Nevan. Nevan will lead a dance party. We'll have toasts from your favorite people. Dress up in your BEST steampunk for Nevan's Steampunk Fashion Show. We'll compete in Nevan's 48V Trivia. Join us to toast into Happy Hour where we can connect and reflect on the experience known as GamiCon48V. Schedule this as your MUST ATTEND 48V!

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