John Kaufeld

Think of John as a bridge -- he explains computers to people and people to computers.

His passions focuses on customer service, customer experience, system design, game-based learning, and helping parents connect with their kids through modern tabletop games.

John makes complex things more understandable. (And fun -- don't forget the fun!)

Through keynotes, seminars, workshops, and retreats, he brings a unique twist on impostor syndrome, communication, leadership, team-building, and creativity to college campuses and corporations. 

Over the years, he wrote and contributed to 36 books, including 25 titles in the popular "...For Dummies" series of computer books. His books sold over 3 million copies in 15 countries around the world, officially earning him "best-selling author" status.


Cloudburst: Retheming a Game

Portfolio Presentation

It’s easy to take dry material and suck the life out of it," John Kaufeld observed. He chose a more engaging approach to teach about preventing stormwater from spreading pollution. John created an awesome serious board game called Cloudburst, based on the game "Pox" from Tiltfactor.
Join John as we playfully explore ways to borrow the best from quality board games. Find game loops and mechanics which fit your learning needs. This is a game-changer!

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