Namitha Vijayakumar

Leveraging the power of strategic play for learning

Namitha is the Co-founder of Learning Ethos - a learning & development firm which believes in creating lasting impact through creativity and fun!

Creativity and Innovation are her core areas of interest, and she believes that each one of us have enormous amount of creative potential waiting to be tapped. Her endeavor is to make creativity and innovation everyone's cup of tea through the proven skillsets, toolsets and mindsets of Design Thinking.

Namitha is a certified Design Thinking Practitioner (from Society of Design Thinking Practitioners U.K) and has delivered over 150 highly engaging Design Thinking workshops, certifications and many Design Sprints for corporates, educational institutions, etc, using experiential and hands-on training methodologies like Lego Serious Play, Simulated D-Lab (Design Lab), Creativity Huddle etc.

She is equally passionate about using game mechanics to make learning fun, interactive and impactful, and has worked extensively on gamification for learning. Namitha has jointly developed digital simulations and gamified blended learning and micro-learning courses, and also holds copyrights for two games that have been developed for leadership.


Gamifying Diversity & Inclusion

In this session participants will discover how to use the power of games to spread awareness on topics like gender bias, unconscious biases, pride, LGBTQ+ and disability. The games Namitha will share have received overwhelming response from clients who felt there could be no better way to spread awareness of such sensitive topics than through games.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how gamification can be used to drive awareness on sensitive topics like D&I
  • Explore the game elements and mechanics involved
  • Examine how content gamification helps in aligning the learning objectives
  • Discuss use cases on leveraging games for democratizing sensitive workplace issues

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