Namitha Vijayakumar

Leveraging the power of strategic play for learning.

Namitha, Co-founder of Learning Ethos, is dedicated to creating impactful learning experiences through creativity and fun. As a certified Design Thinking Practitioner, she has a passion for unlocking creative potential and making innovation accessible to all. With over 150 dynamic Design Thinking workshops under her belt, Namitha specializes in experiential training methods like Lego Serious Play and Simulated D-Labs. Her expertise extends to gamification in learning, where she has developed digital simulations and gamified courses. Holding copyrights for two leadership games, Namitha continues to innovate in making learning both fun and effective for corporates and educational institutions alike.


Play Smart: Navigating the Phygital Landscape of Learning

Uncover the fascinating world of Phygital Games. This session is a journey through the blended realm where physical and digital gaming converge, enhancing learning and facilitation experiences. We'll explore what Phygital Games are and how they revolutionize educational interactions. Discover their power in elevating engagement and retention in learning environments. The session will also feature a showcase of practical use cases and applications, providing you with real-world insights into integrating Phygital Games into your educational strategy. Join us to master the art of Phygital Learning and transform your approach to education.

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