Natalie Denmeade

Skilled in eLearning, from content creation to LMS administration.

Natalie stands out as an accomplished eLearning Consultant, specializing in managing International Development Projects. Her expertise spans a comprehensive range of eLearning facets, including Content Writing, Learning Design, Course Development, Assessment, Grading, and LMS Administration. Natalie’s proficiency is not just limited to the technical aspects of eLearning; she is also an adept team leader, known for her exceptional collaborative skills. Her experience in leading projects from conception to completion makes her an invaluable asset in the realm of digital education. Natalie’s holistic approach to eLearning ensures that every project she manages is executed with precision, innovation, and a deep understanding of educational needs.


Creating Community Around Open Source Software SORMAS Training

Discover how the communal spirit of Zanzibar inspires unique group learning in challenging environments. This session delves into designing effective group education and building supportive communities, overcoming obstacles like limited internet, power shortages, scarce devices, and low literacy levels. We'll explore innovative gamification strategies to transform the mundane task of data entry in a new app into an appealing, achievable goal. Learn how to creatively reframe educational challenges into engaging, communal activities that resonate with learners' cultural contexts. Join us to unlock the secrets of fostering effective learning communities in resource-limited settings, all through the power of gamification.

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