Philipp Busch, PhD

Innovator in Experience Design and Founder of Mind Games GmbH.

Philipp, a consultant for Experience Design, offers expertise in areas vital for modern business and education strategies. His specialties include Gamification, Serious Games/Learning Games, Design Thinking, Experience-Based Learning, Agile Project Management, and Remote Management in International Cooperation. As the founder of Mind Games GmbH, Philipp is dedicated to forming a global, cross-cultural community of interdisciplinary experts. This initiative focuses on leveraging Gamification and Serious Games to create sustainable, socially beneficial solutions. Philipp invites professionals seeking innovative approaches to connect and explore possibilities, or to learn more by visiting his website.


Serious Game Project Management - The Mind Games Doctrine

Discover the secrets of efficient cross-cultural and remote project management for serious games in "The Mind Games Doctrine". I will guide you through my 7-step project management approach that combines classical principles with experience design, gamification and user-centered design processes. We will explore the phases of framing, analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and handover/closure by showing you real-life examples of global projects and transparently speak about mistakes you should avoid. Together we will do some hands-on activities and experiment with elements that align with the Mind Games Doctrine. Finally, you will be able to select tools that are useful for your own context to improve your project management skills for game-based solutions. Does that sound like fun? (Well, probably not, but I'm German and we're not known for fun, but for efficiency.)

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