Pradeep U.N.

Scaling Inclusive Leadership Cultural Transformations

Pradeep U.N. is the Founder and CEO of The Stories and Wisdom Company and transforms organizations into purpose-powered playgrounds with an alchemic blend of storytelling, gamification, and social-learning. Formerly a Senior Director of Inclusive Innovations at Microsoft, Pradeep was inducted into the Microsoft Innovation Wall of Fame in May 2022. A diversity and inclusion advocate, he empowers industry leaders to foster employee inclusion.


Human2Human Design Renaissance:

Bidding Adieu to User-Centric Design

In the Human2Human Design Renaissance session, we bid farewell to traditional user-centric design and embrace a more holistic, human-to-human approach. This paradigm shift focuses on deeper, more meaningful interactions and experiences. It's not just about users as end-points but as integral parts of a connected, empathetic design process. We'll explore how this renaissance in design philosophy fosters genuine engagement, nurtures emotional connections, and prioritizes human values and needs. Attendees will learn strategies to implement this approach in various contexts, revolutionizing how we think about design in our increasingly digital world, and redefining the boundaries between technology and humanity.

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