Roman Rackwitz

Your ability to create engaging experiences depends on your ability to avoid the urge for reward.

Education and knowledge about gamification has been part of Roman's daily work for well over ten years. He speaks on international stages, at large and small conferences as well as specialized events with a relaxed style that combines inspiration and an entertainment factor. Roman helps his audiences to visualize the idea of ​​gamification, makes it tangible, provides many ahas, and manages it in such a way that his listeners go home inspired and wiser.


Crafting Engaging Journeys: Mastering the 5 Gamification Design Patterns

This session will guide you through the intricacies of the 5 Gamification Design Patterns, essential tools for anyone looking to design experiences that are not just engaging but also intrinsically motivating. We'll explore how these patterns can be seamlessly integrated into journey designs to foster curiosity, interest, and purpose, thereby laying a foundation for sustained intrinsic motivation.

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