Sarah Le-Fevre

Sarah Le-Fevre is a games-based learning professional, specializing in the use of games for adult learning around big systemic issues, like climate change, inequality, racism and so on. She also runs and edits Ludogogy, an online games-based learning, gamification and gameful design magazine. Sarah is a passionate believer in the power of play to make a better world, and to reveal, individually, our better (best) natures.

Learning is Another Word for Fun - Why We Don't Need to Gamify Boring Learning.

Demonstrates how learning is the fundamental building block of experiences which are 'fun'. Renders arguments about using 'gamification' to make learning 'engaging' or more palatable, redundant.Shows how well-designed learning will necessarily resemble 'games' because if it's not fun, then it isn't learning. Invites participants to reflect on the nature of the relationship between learning and fun and to workshop experiences which construct 'fun' from the building blocks of learning - relevance, attainment, progress, the fail, hypothesis, experiment cycle, discover and surprise etc.

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