Sarah Le-Fevre

Creating and delivering playful and impactful learning

Sarah Le-Fevre worked in organizational learning for over 30 years and has spent about half of that time focusing on using games and play for learning in all sorts of areas. She is most interested in creating learning interventions around wicked systemic problems such as climate change, ecosystem degradation, racism, inequality etc. and in exploring how organizational systems can be made to work better for innovation, positive culture and even happiness.

Sarah is also the editor of Ludogogy magazine, an online resource on games-based learning, gamification and gameful design, and I am currently writing a book about a new systems-thinking based approach to gameful organizational learning, called the Organizational Learning Change Model.


Boss Monsters and Monstrous Bosses

This session will introduce a play-focused, systems- thinking based framework (Organizational Learning Change Model - OLCM) for the facilitation of 'learning organizations' (in the sense that Peter Senge used the term). It provides a new perspective on when and how learning happens in organizational contexts. It will demonstrate tools and techniques that utilize play and the affordances of game design, which can be used to make 'learning' an ongoing organizational practice, rather than something that happens in 'events' or through specialized 'content'.

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