Snjezana Slabek

Building gamified learning organization culture.

Snjezana Slabek, the Senior Director of Learning and Training at Cognite AS in Oslo, Norway, brings over twenty years of diverse experience in the fields of computer science, learning technologies, knowledge management, and gamification. Her career includes pivotal roles like Head of Innovation and Gamification Expert. A recognized thought leader, Snjezana has been a TEDx speaker and featured on the 'Movers and Shakers' international list. She's known for her workshops and talks at various conferences. Her work, especially in women leadership and HR projects, has earned national accolades. Snjezana is a staunch advocate for the transformative impact of gamification in learning and innovation, fostering sustainable change in organizational culture.


The Power of Gamification in Creating Learning Organizations

Dive into the session on the magic of gamification in shaping learning organizations. Uncover how gamification isn't just about spicing up learning content but transforming processes and policies for continuous upskilling and innovation. We'll explore real-world examples across various aspects of learning organizations, from crafting culture to boosting diversity and inclusion. Get practical insights into shaping organizational culture, gamifying processes, and fostering diversity and inclusion. Join us on this exciting journey to redefine how organizations learn!

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