Stephen Scheib

Stephen Scheib has both designed, developed, and delivered online course material for over a decade. He has a bachelor’s in science from the University of Delaware in Agricultural and Technology Education and a master’s of education in Instruction: Teaching and Learning from Wilmington University. Previously, Stephen worked as a high school agriscience and science teacher in Delaware. He is currently a full time Instructional Designer II at Wilmington University as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. In 2018, he won the Blackboard Exemplary Course Award for a course he developed and teaches at Wilmington University titled, Universal Design in E-Learning. Stephen is also a certified Gamification Master Craftsman through Sententia Gamification. Utilizing this certification, Stephen has enhanced the courses he teaches using gamification, with students reporting favorably!

Post-Pandemic Pandemonium - Engaging the Online Student Through Gamification

The world of higher education is returning to normal… maybe? The pandemic has shown us that online learning is here to stay. However, not everyone enjoys being online. Sure, they see the benefits, but they have better things to do when sitting on the computer (e.g., social media, cat videos, games, games, and more games). What can we do to entice them to complete their school work? The answer: Gamify! Students are looking for the best of the best now that online learning is easily accessible. Don’t fall behind and lose your students! This session will cover the following objectives: 1. Identify ways to add gamification to an online course in higher education. 2. Evaluate learner preferences to adapt meaningful game mechanics. 3. Apply gamification to an existing online course.

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