Vaughan O'Leary

Engaging staff with need to know information

Vaughan has been at KPMG for 10 years, including 7 years in the employee engagement space with Global Clients and Markets at KPMG International. Prior to KPMG, he also has experience in the aged care and energy industries. Vaughan manages a couple of work streams, with one key focus to help improve the client experience.

Outside of work, Vaughan enjoys playing the piano, building lego, and managing his guild in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Engaging a Competitive Workforce

Is there some learning your people need to complete for your business to be successful? What do you do to make the training experience unique? In this session, Vaughan will take you through how KPMG offers training in their service offerings to their global workforce through an in-house app, KPMG Globerunner, as well as providing insights on the updates they are making to the experience.

Vaughan has spent the last 7 years building this program at KPMG, and consistently achieves record numbers of participation in their applications year-on-year. The techniques he uses are something you can replicate and the work done in this space will inspire you to consider adapting as part of your training programs.

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