Vaughan O'Leary

Vaughan manages KPMG’s global Interactive Learning Apps program, responsible for engaging employees with need to know information. He joined the program in 2015, and in 2020, impacted more than 20,000 employees with their inhouse apps. Vaughan is always on the lookout on how to improve the employee experience from both a digital and non-digital perspective.

Developing Virtual Tournaments to Engage and Recognize your People 

My team have been implementing global, virtual tournaments for 7 years, with participation growing year on year. The topic of our tournament is as dry as they come – what are our global service offerings we provide to our clients? Starting as a national competition, it has grown to an engaging event in more than 35 countries, attracting more than 8,000 participants each year. We have mixed it up to include not just a quiz functionality, but also side activities to boost participation and points. While it is a fun and rewarding event, it can take a large amount of work to get it right.

During this session, I will discuss: • Why the tournament is important for our people • Why the tournament is important for my team • The process of developing our campaign and implementation

By the end of the session, I hope you will have some ideas on how you could run your own virtual (or in-person) tournament

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