Vaughan O'Leary

Developing engaging experiences that provide a WOW factor.

Vaughan has been at KPMG for 11 years, including 8 years in the employee engagement space with Global Clients and Markets at KPMG International. Prior to KPMG, he also has experience in the aged care and energy industries. Vaughan manages a couple of work streams, with once key focus – to help improve the client experience. Outside of work, Vaughan enjoys playing the piano, building Lego, and managing his guild in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


Engaging for Growth

If I said a gamified experience could increase your sales by up to 25%, would you consider implementing such an experience? Our portfolio includes four gamified applications, each with a different goal, but one purpose – to engage our people with content they need to know to help our firm grow. In this session, I will highlight two of those applications, KPMG Globerunner and KPMG Grow Your Impact, as well as include a summary of our research project with Harvard that confirmed the impact our KPMG Globerunner app has on growth. You will learn how we have implemented these applications, the community that has the potential to be developed, and the potential benefits to your organization by implementing gamified tools.

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