We went around the globe twice...

We weren't playing around when we said we wanted to host an international conference with speakers and participants from across the globe.

We conducted a global price sensitivity study and for the first time ever, we were proud to offer registration at a rate that is equitable for learning professionals in different economies, in 26 different currencies!

We believe we moved closer to our dream of a truly global event as we had speakers from every continent (accept Antarctica) and our geo-sensitive pricing empowers participants from across the globe to learn and network with colleagues and world-class speakers.

Hail thee! Pray tell, art thou prepared to etch thy name in history's chronicles and become a legend of renown and valor?

Below are the countries our speakers represent. If you live in one of those countries, please click on the flag to go the secure page where you can pay to access the recordings and tools in your country’s currency.

If your country is NOT represented below, please use the form to let us know where you are located in the world.

We are delighted to have you join us on our quest to become Leaders and Legends.

Don't see your country?

Share with us where you are from!