Artrell Williams

Blending standup comedy's charm with educational delivery.

Artrell Williams, a distinguished speaker at this year's GamiCon 48V, brings a wealth of experience and innovation from his 15-year tenure in the training field. As the Learning and Development (L&D) Manager at Sumitomo Rubber USA, Artrell leads a team renowned for their award-winning playing card activity that ingeniously teaches rubber manufacturing processes. His commitment to excellence in gamification is further evidenced by his pursuit of the Master Craftsman gamification certification with Sententia Inc. Artrell's expertise is backed by multiple training certifications from prestigious organizations such as Development Dimensions Incorporated (DDI), Myers Briggs, and Training Industry Inc.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Artrell harbors a passion for standup comedy, uniquely blending humor with educational design and delivery. He advocates for incorporating standup comedy techniques in L&D to enhance engagement and learning outcomes. Residing in Buffalo, NY with his wife and two children, Artrell's multifaceted life reflects a blend of dedication, creativity, and a zest for life, even humorously noting his preference for Yelping in his leisure time.


Harmonies and Synergies: Harnessing the Power of Diversity for Maximum Impact

Artrell delves into an unconventional yet profound perspective on diversity and inclusion. Beyond the surface-level attributes of race, color, and sex, this session explores the deeper synergies that mirror the harmonious blending of sounds in music, the dynamic interplay of actors in movies, the complementary skills in sports teams and the flavors that make up our favorite meals.

Discover strategies to leverage diverse talents, interests, ideas and perspectives in the workplace, creating an environment where collective strengths are optimized for innovation and success. Join us at GamiCon48V to unlock the transformative power of diversity, fostering a culture of collaboration and unparalleled achievement.

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