Bernardo Letayf

Bernardo is a gamification expert, trainer, and international speaker with a specialty in Web and UX design/development. He was inspired to create the BLUErabbit educational platform by his own negative experiences as a student and a belief that every learner in the world deserves better. His mission is to transform education because he believes that it is overdue for an evolution. "Passing a class isn't learning"


GamiCon Player Journey Wrap-Up

Throughout your GamiCon gamified conference experience, you'll get to learn how to build your own gamified player journey by using an analogue version of the BLUErabbit gamified learning platform. In our final session, I'll show the results of building and using such a system. We know turning new knowledge into actionable steps can be challenging. This is why we built a system you can use through the entire event with clear results at the end. Follow along with an example during GamiCon to design a journey with a clear path and set number of steps.

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