Bernardo Letayf

Bernardo Letayf is an international gamification expert with almost 10 years in the industry. Formerly a teacher, created BLUERABBIT to gamify education and remove the stress and attention from grades. Today, the award winning platform has successfully gamified over 12,000 players in all continents and is currently being used to gamify corporate training programs, universities and schools. Currently Bernardo is launching an all-new interactive gamified platform called Tabi.


The Best Journey You Can Imagine: Mastering Player Experience Design

Often, the path to creating engaging experiences is cluttered with an array of elements, mechanics, and content. The secret? Start from the dreams and work backwards. This won't be just another presentation – it's an interactive workshop where you'll envision and document the ultimate journey for your players. Guided by targeted questions, you'll streamline your process, sparking creativity and proactive development. Get ready to transform your dream designs into reality with this empowering and imaginative session.

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