Christian Gossan

Driving business performance and solving complex problems through innovative digital experiences.

A seasoned global executive and consultant with 23 years at KPMG, Christian excels in crafting digital experiences that drive business performance. His expertise lies in leading strategic projects across various sectors including government, defense, energy, and finance. At KPMG, he's been instrumental in creating engaging digital platforms, contributing significantly to its global and Australian operations. As a Start-Up Founder and Director, Christian extends his prowess to developing innovative digital and learning solutions for clients worldwide. His passion for problem-solving and opportunity capture through scaled digital initiatives marks him as a leader in the intersection of technology and business strategy.


Harvard's Positive Research on Gamified Learning Effectiveness

Harvard Business School professors posed a pivotal question: Does gamified training truly yield results? This session reveals their findings and guides you in bolstering your gamification program's credibility while demonstrating its ROI. Key topics include the necessity of credibility, collaboration with academics, and interpreting research outcomes.

Gain vital insights into:

  • Assessing your program's need for a credibility boost
  • Uncovering the benefits of partnering with academic institutions
  • Deciphering research results and their implications for your gamification strategy

Join us to transform your approach to gamified training with proven, research-backed strategies.

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