Chuck Sigmund

Chuck Sigmund is a Senior Business Program Manager in Microsoft Worldwide Learning and a certified Gamification Master Craftsman and Facilitator. He is passionate about creating environments that bring out the best in learners and that encourage them to fully engage and optimize their learning experience. His recent work has focused on how to use innovative training techniques, such as gamification, digital storytelling, and recursive practice, to increase learner engagement. He holds a Master of Arts in Education and Training, and is a frequent presenter at learning and development conferences.


Playing in the Dark – Gamification with Nefarious Intent

The phrase dark pattern was originally used by Harry Brignull to describe the ways that UI designers were creating interfaces, web pages, and marketing strategies that were deceptive or manipulative. As instructional designers have increasingly leveraged elements of game design to engage their learner-players, they have often taken cues from the UI work done in some of these other spaces. While they do not generally employ these designs with malicious intent, there is a significant risk that lack of knowledge of the risks of dark patterns will lead to unintended, negative consequences for the learner-player, including user manipulation.

In this presentation we will explore specific examples of game mechanics and how they can be morphed to become dark pattern elements within a learning environment. Participants will have opportunities to examine and deconstruct actual marketing and game environments to discover the application of dark patterns and how they influence users.

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