Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz

Altug is a Turkish pioneer of Gamification. He is GamFed Turkey re-presenter and has been organizing Gamification Meetup Turkey and Gamification Hackathon since 2017. 

Gamfed Turkey Youtube Channel

Altug is a gamification designer for Inooster in Istanbul, Turkey. He blogs about gamification at his Turkish blog 
He lectures about Game Design and Gamification at Bahcesehir and Bilgi Universities in Istanbul.

Gamification Works Because of Science

Gamification is still just a buzzword for some, while for others they’ve already implemented it with powerful effects on their business process. We’ve seen some gamification projects which have a very pretty design but have failed to engage users, and others with a very ugly interface but are addictively engaging their users! What is the secret? Is motivation only way to motivate people? Let’s analyze these and talk together at this session with Altuğ.

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