Jeffrey Riley

Jeffrey Riley has over 30 years’ experience in the learning industry as an educator and in the business world. He has worked with businesses in several industries including insurance, retail, financial services, city government, and construction. In 2018, Jeffrey worked with the Construction Financial Managers Associate to create a board game for the financial managers to play at their annual conference. The game was so successful that it is still played at regional meetings.
Currently, Jeffrey is a Gamification Master Craftsman with Sententia Games and the owner of Practical Learning Concepts consulting with businesses to implement eLearning, and gamification. He is consulting with Dr. Ray Jimenez with online workshops in Workflow Learning.
Along with his professional work, Jeffrey is the Technology Special Interest Group Director for the MID NJ ATD Chapter in New Jersey and heads up the Technology Showcase for the Chapter October 7, 2020. He is also a leader of the Greater Philadelphia Instructional Design Meetup Group.

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Escape the Certification Cave

We have been told for some time that xAPI is the solution we have wanted for decades on including all learning in a person’s record. While this is technically true, few people are adopting this standard. The main reason is most Instructional Designers, course developers, etc. are not programmers. To make xAPI work, people must be javascript experts. Now that Torrence Learning has created the builder, this is no longer true. This session demonstrates how any person can use this tool with a Learning Record Store and Learning Management System to collect information they can actually use.

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