Joshua "Doc" Yavelberg

Designing innovation

Don't let his PhD, art history background, and Lordship fool you, Josh "Doc" Yavelberg is a Sententia Master Craftsman and solutions architect who is on a mission to drive virtual engagement. He currently leads Flying Cloud Solutions in tackling real world issues and has recently partnered with John Chen to develop Engaging Virtual Meetings Academy and with the Center for Accelerated Learning to level up course building and knowledge acquisition.


WebQuests... Design One Today!

As long as you can create a document with hyperlinks, you can create a WebQuest. The challenge is emphasizing the QUEST!

WebQuests are inquiry-oriented lessons that help to drive 21st century skills, but are also the perfect opportunity to apply game mechanics toward open-ended problem-solving adventures. In this session, you will understand the simple and powerful concept of WebQuests, and be guided to developing your own WebQuests by collaboratively engaging in... a WebQuest.

In this hands-on learning lab, participants will understand the qualities that make up a WebQuest, develop an engaging outline for a WebQuest on a simple topic provided at random during the event, and discuss lessons learned in the development of the WebQuest outline and ways forward.

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