Joshua Barol

Using creativity and humor in training

Joshua (Josh) Barol is a Training Technology Specialist and Instructional Designer with experience in multimedia technology within major healthcare and digital media companies. Currently, he is an Associate Director, Development and Training Lead in Pfizer's Education Development Management team, supporting Global Product Development. Josh has shared his knowledge and experience with other educators, health professionals and lay-persons via company training programs, presentations at national conferences and conducting on-line learning programs.

Josh holds two advanced degrees including a Master of Science degree in Instructional Design/Technology Program from the Philadelphia University School of Design and Media and a Master of Education in Leisure Studies from Temple University.

Josh completed his Gamification Master Craftsman certification with Sentential Gamification and applies his skills in gamification projects and assisting at conferences such as Gamicon and Training 2021. Josh is certified to teach the Level 1 Gamification Surveyor Certification.


Using Classic Narrative to Drive Learning Straight to the Heart, in a Good Way

Participants will leave with a solid understanding on how to use a classic narrative in their modern trainings. They will learn how to express the importance of storytelling in human history and when to use classic narratives effectively as a game mechanic in gamification practice.

In this session you will outline a gamified learning experience of your own using a classic narrative and access classic narratives effectively as a game mechanic in gamification practice.

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