Rebecca Arnett

Finding the solution to your problem

Rebecca Arnett is experienced in creating innovative training and development solutions through a wide array of technologies. She has dedicated herself in creating strategic objectives that impact company-wide growth and drive business key results. With proven success in coaching, business consulting and project management she effectively identifies core issues and creates solutions that eliminate waste and build the foundation for success.


PowerPoint Isn't Dead, Why Should Your Training Be?

PowerPoint is still one of the most used tools for building out games and training and can also be used as an authoring tool. This session is not a sit-and-listen learning session, but rather a hands-on-and-do session, where the learner will walk-away with the start of a new presentation or a maturation of one they have previously created.

As a participant you will interact and build scenario-based escape rooms, play with tools to build out or update your own presentation, and understand the latest tips and tricks to make your presentations and trainings more interactive and engaging.

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