Sharon Goza

Gamification Master Craftsman Portfolio Presentation

After over 30 years at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Sharon Goza brings her talents in gamification of training, software development, narrative design, and project management to the private sector. These combined talents have led her to win numerous awards over her career including Best Narrative Design at the international gamification conference: Gamicon 2019 as well as more than eight NASA exceptional software awards. She enjoys learning about new techniques and methods as much as she enjoys sharing her knowledge of gamification, design, and implementation techniques. Her hobbies include playing and designing board games, 3D printing and painting earrings, exercising her musical talents, and writing science fiction and fantasy.


Five Years to Mars

Gamification Master Craftsman Portfolio Presentation
Many organizations want to inform the public of what they're doing, but the general public doesn't want to spend hours reading documents or web pages. This session discusses how we took a 135 page pdf document and multiple web pages and made a game that presented the information in an engaging, new way.

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