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We are recruiting, educating, and equipping an alliance of education professionals who will change the way learning and training happen using the most advanced science and techniques coming from gamification and game-based learning. Will you join the movement?

Quickly, what is Gamification?

How does Gamification equate to employee engagement? 

39 percent of quality hires said, “fun, engaging company culture” was the most attractive quality of a business

Each actively disengaged employee can cost their organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary- over a third of their income.

Just 33 percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work and 51 percent are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings


We are a trusted developer of learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. We offer a wide range of resources and services from ready-to-train programs, facilitator certifications, custom development, and more

Education and Certifications

The Sententia Gamification Certification is the premier standard in the world for recognition as a gamification specialist for Talent Development and HR Professionals. We are the ONLY organization to offer three levels of Gamification Certification for Human Resource and Talent Development professionals that can be recognized by HRCI, SHRM, and ATD for recertification credits.

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Gamification Strategy Design

Because gamification can be a complex process, an effective strategy requires a proven framework that maps individual learning programs to overall business objectives, NOT tacked-on, meaningless, or superficial game mechanics. When designed correctly, gamification is proven to be successful in engaging learners, developing skills, and solving complex problems.

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Train the Trainer

If you’re a trainer or a manager who trains, you need the latest and best training knowledge without having to wade through tons of information, attempting to curate enough information to deploy a successful gamification strategy. Sententia’s Train the Trainer program teaches you and your entire training department a proven DIY process that takes you from concept through implementation.

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Master the practical application of Gamification!

You can "gamify" or place game principles in just about any business function to get the desired results as long as the mechanics are correctly designed and implemented.


Voices of Victory

Discover the transformative journeys and triumphs of those who've experienced the magic of our programs first-hand. You'll find a collection of personal stories, accolades, and reflections from participants who've leveraged our resources to achieve remarkable success. Join us in celebrating the real-world impacts and breakthroughs that showcase the power of our community.

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