A List of 99 Game Mechanics...

... And a Badge Ain't One 

Dive into the dynamic world of gamification with our exclusive list of 99 game mechanics – your ultimate toolkit to supercharge your Learning Programs. With over 224 game mechanics in our arsenal, we've curated this vibrant collection to ignite your creativity and offer you a plethora of approaches to choose from.

Break free from the conventional and explore the possibilities beyond  Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. 

Gamification Surveyor Certification (Level 1)

If you're eager to explore how gamification and game-based learning can elevate your corporate training or adult education programs, this journey is for you. Alongside fellow L&D professional Nick, begin to unlock the potential of engaging and effective learning methodologies. This certification lays the groundwork for innovative educational strategies, making it an ideal starting point for anyone looking to enhance their learning environments. Whether you're new to gamification or seeking to expand your knowledge, this certification will guide you towards making a meaningful impact. Begin your exploration by checking out our virtual and live courses on our events page.

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