Gamifying Amazon's AI

August 2, 2022

Jim woke up a dreadfully dull IT classification process training with a post-apocalyptic superhero story he had pitched years ago to Marvel about The Technicals, an alien race that takes over and outsources Earth. The gameplay:  You must learn how to create a keyword class to rescue Amazon and save the planet.

The Imagineering Magic of Disney

April 11, 2022

Walt Disney assembled a new category of designers, engineers, and artisans called Imagineers. These daring creators continue to balance their technical design chops with imagination, storytelling, and insatiable curiosity. 

How can you use the imagineering pyramid in your course design and delivery?

Augusta Univerity Victory Cup

March 17, 2022

The Center for Instructional Innovation at Augusta University developed a program on Multimedia and Motivation in Student Learning. The course was NASCAR or stock car race themed with 68 faculty members being divided into “pit crews” of 5 members. Each week (lap) presented the Pit Crews with content and “driving missions” that supported broader learning objectives.

Listen and See the Case Study


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