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4 Reasons to Enter Your L&D Project For an Industry Award

adult learning corporate training e-learning gamification instructional design Jun 22, 2022

Training and eLearning awards and industry recognition are a well-established part of the Learning & Development community.

But while it's exciting to win big at an awards ceremony, you may be wondering whether they're worth the hard work and time that it takes to enter.

Awards and the recognition that comes with them can boost you and your organization's reputation, setting you apart from the crowd. On the downside, creating an impressive and persuasive entry can be a laborious and time-consuming undertaking.

So why enter an L&D project, training program, HR compliance, or adult education course into an industry awards competition? 

  1. Industry awards provide a visible way of recognizing the efforts of the individual(s) who worked on a particular project. Entering your project into an award competition communicates that you recognize the expertise and skills it takes to complete a quality learning product.
  2. The process of applying for an award is a good reflective team exercise for your design and development team. The award criteria provides an excellent framework for pre- and post- mortem team discussions and encourages your team to articulate the best features and use of your program. Plus, third party validation carries weight in business, and the hard work that went into receiving the award give you an opportunity to gain status with those you report to and to provide a pat on the back for those who report to you.
  3. Internal recognition of this project can be used to spur other employees on. The entry demonstrates what the company values and helps you to share best practices. Now it’s not about you stating what you value, but the reality that the learning project was independently judged and earned an award because “the team did it this way.”
  4. There is also the external reputational benefit which comes from the independent endorsement of your activities. They will be plenty of plenty of positive social media comments on your brand that night, plus you can add ‘award-winning’ on your news stories, social media pages, your email signatures, your website and wherever else it seems appropriate.

Winning an award can help improve motivation and boost staff morale! The recognition for your “win” activities allows your team time to feel satisfied and proud of the work they have accomplished. What better positive review could there be than independent validation by your peers and industry influencers of the way you design and develop quality learning programs?



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