Gamification Challenge: Dollarize It! - ROI vs. ROE

It’s probably no surprise to you, but investing in employees pays off.
Learning opportunities result in higher levels of employee promotion, retention, satisfaction, skills and knowledge, and this translates to better organizational performance. In fact, research shows the more a company invests toward developing employees, the higher its stock value goes the following year.

Yet demonstrating a real, bottom-line, Return on Investment (ROI) remains a continued challenge for those of us in Learning and Development fields.

As a gamification strategy designer, it is important for you to work with senior leaders to mutually identify ROI measures (beyond smiley sheets) that are linked to the organization’s key strategic objectives. Successful evaluation starts at the beginning of the planning (e.g. Sententia LV1 Strategy Design begins this process in Level 1: The Lost Lagoon), well before the learning design and delivery occurs. In fact, it should begin at the needs assessment...

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