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Pirate Tales - A Proven Method to Level Up Training and Talent Development Through Gamification

Gamification 101: How the Game is Played

adult learning business objectives corporate training e-learning gamification instructional design Apr 26, 2022

The reality is…

  • People enjoy playing games
  • Popular games inspire extreme loyalty
  • People are motivated by gaming reward and achievement systems
  • Therefore, if non-games are made more game-like, we’ll be more likely to ‘play’ them

Gamification does NOT equal technology... It is really a way of thinking about the development and delivery of your training programs.

The goal is to increase learning and engagement through key concepts found in game design and behavioral psychology.

Gamification should never be seen as an end or positioned to be able to deliver value all by itself. It should be secondary to clearly defined business objectives.

To be effective, the gamified program must align with the desired instructional and business outcomes.

The most useful gamified programs focus on specific company “pain-points” rather than generic business challenges, such as leadership or communication. They begin with a clear and inspiring Objective, followed by Key Results that will achieve that objective.

By adding game mechanics to training, gamification not only increases interest, BUT IT ALSO MAKES LEARNING FUN.

Gamification invites people to participate and engage by integrating game mechanics and game dynamics into such things as a website, online community, marketing campaigns, and as demonstrated in this eBook- even a traditional training or talent development program.

The Sententia Gamification Pirate Tales model guides you through the process of gamified learning design. By following the 5-step plan, we essentially assure you a successful outcome.

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