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Watch Party at Work

Schedule a Virtual Watch-Party

May 25, 2022

THERE’S NOTHING BETTER than attending a conference with co-workers and colleagues. But, for many, travel is either still on hold or they have made a personal decision to continue limited contact with those outside their immediate household. And yet, you miss the energy of the in-person gatherings. Hearing speakers from different organizations and experiences is often the catalyst to kick your creativity into high gear. Ideas are born and, often from a one-thought moment during a presentation, an entire new process or solution is crafted to solve a problem or open new areas of possibilities.

Luckily, a practice used mostly by friends and family during the pandemic, can be adopted in your workplace to build community in your team as they learn and grow together. Host your own virtual watch party.

Hosting a virtual watch-party can have a significant positive impact and helps to ensure that everyone on the team has access to new ideas, strategies, and best practices. They can act as an energy booster and generate strong bonding among team members, as a sense of belonging prevails among the team members

It’s simple to accomplish by using a platform like Zoom or Teams. Plus, only one person has to have paid access to the recorded content (doublecheck for licensing or copyright restrictions with the content seller) and can easily share their screen for others to view.

What are some additional benefits of a watch party?

  • Watching with colleagues feels a lot more engaging than just having to watch the already recorded lecture alone.
  • The video can be paused at any point for further conversation, clarification, debate or “how could we use this information?” dialogue.
  • Use the chat box to ask questions, make notes for further research of tools or information, and share links to additional resources. Download and share the chat for next steps.
  • Colleagues can elect to be facilitators for topics that particularly interest them. They could even pre-watch the recording and note times for discussion and small group breakout activities.
  • Teams can socialize with each other even while working in a remote environment which will help to keep the remote team members motivated and inspired.

Remote work can be lonely, disengaged, and unproductive, or the complete opposite. Investing in resources for a virtual watch party means you will have a workforce that is more creative, communicative, and productive, which is a huge competitive advantage.

If you are looking for a place to get started, I recommend you start with our set of recordings from GamiCon48V. We brought in experts from a wide-range of industries to show that game-thinking and game mechanics have the ability to play a huge role in helping us create deeper engagement and reach our full potential. For two days each of these industry leaders gave us their insight on a wide range of topics, all on the cutting edge of the current thought, techniques, and technologies of gamification.

You can now watch each of the sessions when it is convenient for you! Each session stand outs with creativity, bursting interaction, and skillful use of playful learning to solve most any design challenge. This is your opportunity to learn from amazing, world-class speakers as they share and workshop their creative inspiration and approaches for developing and designing gamified learning solutions.

Why not access those sessions today? Download the learning journal. Schedule a watch party. React to moments together. Chat with others in the session --  memes and inside jokes encouraged. Find moments of shared joy and learning even when you're apart.

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