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Spotlight on the Gamified Learning Throwdown Finalists

adult learning gamicon Sep 07, 2023

The world of gamified and game-based learning is about to witness a grand spectacle at GamiCon NOLA! The Gamified and Game-Based Learning Project Throwdown is rapidly approaching, and the finalists are raring to showcase their innovative designs. These projects are not just games; they are pioneering tools that blend fun with educational outcomes.

Meet The Finalists:

1. Alvaro Garcia Barba: Game on! Barba offers a unique solution for the World Bank Group, dispelling myths about gamification and highlighting its potential to revolutionize knowledge management.

2. Andy Pan and Shan K.: Gamified, “Phy-gital” New Hire Onboarding Program Revamping the Singapore Tourism Board's onboarding system, this program infuses traditional methods with a contemporary, app-based gamified experience.

3. Larysa Nadolny: Townhall: Gamifying Larger Zoom Meetings Nadolny takes the challenge of engaging larger virtual meetings head-on with a groundbreaking Zoom app to monitor and boost participant engagement.

4. Scott Provence and Jordan Dyson: Walk With Me A union of AI and live training, this game builds empathy and organizational skills, setting a benchmark for personalized learning tools.

5. Artrell Williams: Taiyazukuri – A Tire Manufacturing Card Game Introducing the intricacies of tire manufacturing via a card game, Williams delivers a masterclass in innovative teaching tools.

6. Susan A. Skinner: Don’t Crash the Economy! Designed for business students, this game educates on the nuances of macroeconomic policy-making in the most exhilarating manner.

7. Pradeep U.N.: Fostering Cohesive & Motivated Teams with 'STORIES' A tale of transformation in a federal government office, this game underscores the power of storytelling in team building.

8. Mallori Steele and Shonda Hodge: Strategic Communications for Customer Success Steele and Hodge present a game-based program crafted to upskill in strategic communications. Tailored for customer-centric roles in tech environments, their game sheds light on enhancing multi-channel communication skills.

Join us in celebrating the brilliant minds that are pushing the boundaries of gamified and game-based learning. Gear up for an electrifying contest where learning, innovation, and competition collide!

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