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Sententia Gamification Learner Personas

What are Learner Personas and Why Should You Create Them?

adult learning corporate training instructional design motivation Oct 09, 2022

Learner Personas are fictional characters, created based upon your research to represent the different learners that will take your training or use your employee engagement tool. Creating personas helps you, the designer, and your team to understand learner's needs, pain points, experiences, behaviors, and goals.

As gamification and game-based learning designers, we shape personas iteratively to prevent stakeholders from designing for themselves, or falling into the one-size-fits-all trap of generic training initiatives. 

Personas are a valuable tool to help you get to know your learners, as well as how you can meet their needs, solve their problems, and help them to be successful. With detailed learner personas in place, everybody has a more consistent view of your target audience. And, you'll be better equipped to provide empathy and insight when discussing content, design, and implementation. 

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