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Blog post Games in Corporate Training: The Power of Play in 2023

Games in Corporate Training: The Power of Play in 2023

corporate training game design game-based learning Sep 13, 2023

Engaging your audience is no longer just about a captivating lecture. Instead, the modern approach to learning and training is rooted in interactive experiences that stimulate both the mind and emotions. The world of corporate training has seen a significant evolution, especially when it comes to the use of games.

While the relay race with cards remains an exciting activity to involve and engage participants, there are numerous developments in the realm of gamification for corporate training over the past few years. Let's delve into the present scene:

The Science Behind Play
Recent studies have confirmed what many educators and trainers have known intuitively: play facilitates learning. Neuroscience research shows that play triggers the release of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that promote pleasure, relaxation, and well-being. This positive mental state boosts learning, as information is more easily absorbed and retained.

Digital Gamification
In the digital age, gamification platforms have gained immense popularity. Customized apps and platforms allow trainers to set up scenarios and simulations relevant to their industry. From training employees about cybersecurity using a 'hack and defend' game scenario to learning the ins and outs of project management through mission-based challenges, the possibilities are endless.

VR and AR in Corporate Training
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have taken game-based learning to a new level. For instance, instead of just discussing safety procedures, employees can now navigate a virtual factory, identifying and rectifying safety violations. Such immersive experiences ensure that learning is not only theoretical but practical and applicable.

Tailored Game-Based Learning
One of the notable trends in 2023 is the rise of personalized game-based learning paths. Using AI and machine learning, training modules can now adapt to the learner’s pace and style, offering challenges tailored to their skill level. This ensures that every participant remains engaged and isn’t overwhelmed or bored.

The Evolution of Team-based Activities
Traditional games like the card pass relay race have undergone transformations. Modern versions might incorporate digital elements or be structured as escape room challenges that encourage critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving.

The Underlying Message of Games in Training
Whether digital or physical, games are an invaluable tool in corporate training. They allow participants to:

  • Experiment in a safe environment.
  • Learn from failures without real-world consequences.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • Understand complex concepts through experiential learning.

While games might seem frivolous on the surface, their implications in the world of corporate training are profound. They offer participants a break from the monotony of traditional lectures, facilitating learning in a dynamic, interactive environment. As the corporate landscape becomes even more competitive, the organizations that leverage the power of play will undoubtedly surge ahead.

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