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Steal Like an Artist: A Blueprint for Gamified Learning Design

Steal Like an Artist: A Blueprint for Gamified Learning Design

game-based learning gamification instructional design Dec 20, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and training, the art of creating engaging and effective learning experiences has taken center stage. While reading this morning, it struck me that as we conclude another successful Gamification Journeyman (Level 2) cohort, the art of crafting gamified and game-based learning aligns seamlessly with the principles espoused in Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.

In the world of instructional design, particularly in the creation of gamified learning courses, the process may not involve tabletop game pieces, but the underlying principles and benefits are remarkably similar. At its core, Steal Like an Artist emphasizes that inspiration can be drawn from various sources, and imitation can serve as a steppingstone to innovation.

So, how does this relate to gamified learning design, and what can we learn from the book's concepts? Let's dive in. Steal Like an Artist encourages us to acknowledge that ideas are all around us. In the realm of instructional design, this means recognizing that inspiration for creating engaging learning experiences can come from diverse sources. Whether it's a compelling video game, an immersive storytelling experience, or a well-designed mobile app, the world is teeming with inspiration.

Imitation vs. Innovation
The book reminds us that while imitation can be a starting point, true innovation arises when we take what we've learned and build upon it. In gamified learning design, this translates to taking inspiration from existing game mechanics, engagement strategies, and user experiences, but then infusing them with your unique perspective and educational objectives.

Sharing Your Work
One of the key takeaways from Steal Like an Artist is the importance of sharing your creations. In the context of our LV2 Gamification Journeyman program, this is particularly relevant. As our students prepare to create their low-resolution prototypes for playtesting within our guild, they are encouraged to share their concepts and engage in collaborative feedback sessions. Sharing not only invites valuable insights but also contributes to the collective knowledge of the gamification community.

In just two weeks, our students will present their projects to our community—a culmination of their hard work, creativity, and innovation. It's a moment when they'll demonstrate their mastery of gamified learning design and receive feedback from their peers, including Gamification Master Craftsmen (Level 3).

In conclusion, Steal Like an Artist offers valuable insights that align with the principles of gamified learning design. By drawing inspiration from various sources, building upon existing ideas with innovation, and sharing their work with the community, our LV2 Gamification Journeyman students are poised to create engaging and effective learning experiences that resonate with learners.

As we eagerly anticipate their project presentations, we're reminded that the journey of instructional design is a continuous process of learning, growing, and, yes, borrowing a little inspiration along the way. After all, in the realm of education, sharing knowledge and inspiring others is the true artistry.

Stay tuned for the incredible projects our LV2 cohort will unveil, and let's celebrate the power of gamified learning design to transform education and training.

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