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Embrace the WHO not the HOW Garage Gang

Embrace the WHO not the HOW

game garage instructional design membership community Nov 21, 2023

How often have you found yourself spiraling down a rabbit hole, trying to figure out "How do I...?" Imagine spending the next 92 minutes, maybe more, wading through endless online resources, only to end up more confused than when you started.

Now, picture a different approach. What if, instead of exhausting yourself over the "how," you could simply step into one of our topic-specific circles and ask "who"?

Our Game Garage unlocks this possibility. Within our diverse circles, you'll find a rich community of experts, thought leaders, and like-minded professionals ready to share their knowledge.

Whether it's a complex instructional design challenge, a query about gamification strategies, or a technical hurdle, the answer lies not in a tangle of solitary research but in the collective wisdom of the Garage Gang.

Think about the hours you'll save, the direct access to solutions, and the valuable connections you'll forge. This shift from "how" to "who" doesn't just streamline your process—it transforms it.

Is this level of efficiency, insight, and community support worth $99 a month? We believe the answer is a resounding YES!

We've Given You 3 Options for Joining the Garage Gang: The Game Garage is a community for those who are curious to leave the beaten tracks of education and grow beyond what has been done before. The community gives space to everyone to learn, share, connect, and explore. You can choose your level of membership here:

  • Kick the Tires: Free Limited Access. Come in, kick the tires, explore, and give us a try. You will have limited access to certain resources and courses, but can join us for the Live Friday Night Game Garages and other community amenities. Get started for $0 without a credit card.
  • Monthly Garage Gang Member. Enjoy the full benefits of the Game Garage Community, including Toolbox Tutorials, deep dive circles of practice, session recordings, and ALL resources and tools. Plus, build professional relationships with like-minded professionals. Join for $99 per month. (Cancel at any time.)
  • Full Garage Gang Membership. Save 50% and receive a FREE ticket to GamiCon48V, the online 48-hour global gamified and game-based learning conference (A $357 value). Join for $599 for 12 months.

Explore your options to join the Game Garage Gang and shift your focus from the solitary pursuit of "how" to the empowering network of "who." Let's redefine problem-solving together.

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